At Synerlogic, we help leaders navigate complexity, develop winning strategies, and transform conflicts into business opportunities. We deliver personalized executive coaching, strategy sessions and workshops, behavior-focused assessments, and resources to support executive teams and boards.


We live in a time of extraordinary promise and possibility. That isn’t the message we hear from so many sources today. Yet, acknowledging the turbulence and daily challenges, I firmly believe that our mindset, actions, and words shape our destiny. 

My background in law, strategy, coaching, and conflict mediation, combined with my personal growth journey, informs my work with executive teams and boards. At Synerlogic, we’re dedicated to supporting leaders as they clarify their strategic vision and cultivate essential skills for lasting success.

Randy Evans

Compassionate Listener

"Randy is a compassionate listener. He knows who we are and what it is we are trying to do. He understands and respects our passion for our work and he works in a generous way to assist us in our process of servant leadership.”

- Director, Governing Board, International Association

Clarity of Purpose

"Randy understands organizations, people and the power of language and he guided us to clarity of purpose and empowered us to set goals that are achievable."


– Board Member, Strategic Planning Session

Profoundly Impacted

"Randy is able to facilitate a group in exploring an organization’s identity in a way that all responses are honored, and all participants are heard. He knows when to let the group work through a 'sticking point' and when to gently interject helpful insights and guidance. We were profoundly impacted."

– CEO, Hosted Workshop for Board and Executive Staff

Meet Our Founder

Randal T. Evans, JD/MUP, CAP®

Certified Executive Coach, Strategist, Mediator

With over 25 years as a business and tax law attorney and extensive experience as an executive coach, strategist, consultant, and mediator, Randy brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the challenges facing organizational leaders today.

Randy’s work as an executive coach is strengthened by his training and certifications from the ICF-accredited Center for Executive Coaching and other cross-disciplinary studies. Yet, his approach is not about prescribing knowledge or external solutions. Rather, he supports clients through collaborative solutions-focused dialogue, empowering them to discover new pathways and develop strategies to meet their challenges and opportunities.

Beyond his professional work, Randy stays active with interests and groups that further his commitment to growth and community involvement. These pursuits offer personal fulfillment while enriching his professional work, reflecting a dedication to continuous learning and a deep connection with diverse communities.


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